Hi Folks

Just wanted to say, Thanks for coming out on Sat to see The La’al Big Band.  I hear it was a fantastic night and we were sad to miss it but family is important and we had a great night for my niece’s 18th.

So, we’ve broken you in gently and now comes some madness! 

We have Comedy, Comedy. Comedy with a wee bit of music to change the tone.

Dave Johns on Sat 5th October returns and he cannot wait to come see us, hopefully, we’ll get a full house for him as I know he’s keen and he’s had some great audiences around the UK on this tour.

Then we have 3 shows in one weekend… Don’t worry we won’t ask you to sponsor us!!

The Noise Next Door are back! Friday 11th October 8 pm for their wonderful Improv Remix Show for adults.


Then Noise Next Door At Sea Saturday 12th October 1pm for the kids and big kids (I saw this in Edinburgh and it is hilarious, full of slap stick)
One of the Three Half Pints is now in this group of comedy genius! 

Then Elvis The Legend returns (not from the dead just down south) on Saturday 12th 8 pm!!

Hope we can pull it off!!! 

Following all that we have Ian and Tim of Celebration of Simon and Garfunkel on Friday 18th October and  Mark Thomas on Saturday 26th 

All of the information for the shows coming up are here:

Hope to see you sometime. 

love as always 

Jaks n team Beggar’s. xx