Hi Folks

How are we?  I don’t know about you but I was so glad to have a good laugh on Saturday with Dave Johns. Felt good! 

So, this week…. are you ready?

We have 3 shows, some comedy improv for the adults, comedy improv for the kids and big kids then the King, Elvis the Legend!  

Cassie’s doing push-ups in the office whilst I type.. I’ll run around the block shortly in prep for our busy weekend.

Here you go and you are so welcome 😉 :

The Noise Next Door “Remix” Friday 11th Oct 8pm 

The Noise Next Door “At Sea” Saturday 12th 1pm

Elvis The Legend Saturday 12th Oct 8pm

So, there is lots going on for the whole family!
We really do hope to see lots of you at some point. 

love as always 
Jaks n team Beggars. xx