Our Little Beggars are exactly what it says on the tin! They are amazing! From a age 4 to 7 (reception class to year 3) these youngsters come along to have fun!

We now have two groups which we have split into year groups:

Reception and Year 1 meet every Thursday 3.45pm – 5pm

Year 2 and Year 3 meet every Tuesday 4.30pm – 6pm

We have a tuck shop which they love and we advise 50p.

Fees are £40 per term. We run at 10 week term in conjunction with the schools.

We play with ideas, create and develop stories. We use stories and books to explore our minds and realise little performances. We build confidence, make new friends from other schools, sing, dance, move, act but most of all it is a great session to let yourself go! To be free to express yourself, build on self confidence and self esteem, have a voice.

Pics coming soon.

Charlie has been coming to the theatre groups from the age of 3 and a half , I believe the the confident, independent, kind and supportive ten year old he has grown into has a lot to do with him being able to freely express his feelings and emotions in the form of roll play and performing . Beggars allows our children to be involved in every aspect of theatre life .

So I asked Charlie what he gets from going to beggars and he said “ it’s fun , it’s entertaining, it helps with his acting skill , and you get to meet your friends . He also really likes doing improvisation and when they did proper filming with cameras

Lynn, Parent

Jasmine has been coming to the theatre for a number of years now. On a one to one Jasmine can be a chatty creative child, but often in a group she can be quite an introvert and show little confidence. With coming to the theatre group I believe this has helped her confidence grow. She has made a good group of friends who don’t necessarily attend her school, which helps personal development. 


During recent times when physical attendance has not been possible zoom classes were run. This was fantastic for engagement with the children especially when they were being home schooled and not able to have that interaction with their school friends. There was even a zoom production that was made which was brilliant and you could tell how much effort has been put in to this and showed the hard work done by all. 


The theatre is a great place where the team encourage the children to show creativity. I particularly love it when there is a showing of the work they’ve done. You can see the effort that’s gone into it and it makes you feel proud as a parent and lucky that something as wonderful as this group is on my doorstep. 


To be honest, Jasmine isn’t an atheltic child, nor a dancer, so I’m grateful that this group in Millom exists and that she can attend and enjoy because as we know there isn’t much in Millom for the kids, but we do have this club and it’s fantastic

Louise , Parent

Hetty is 8 years old and loves going to the beggars theatre group. The children can be themselves, there creative ideas are listened to, they are involved in the whole process of a production, from beginning to end. They are allowed to be creative and have fun while being part of a team.

Leigh, Parent

I have children that I foster and the Beggars has been a great support to them integrating into the community at a time when they were unable to attend the local schools.


Over the years they have provided theatre workshops to build confidence and self belief and within the Youth Theatre have taken the opportunity to explore difficult issues in a safe way.  The Labeled project has looked at the way they see themselves and the way they see the world, there is no doubt in my mind of the social value this gives to their lives.


For a child that does not readily embrace the stage, there has been a technician course, showing aspects of behind the scenes work, once again a great confidence builder and they have been really thrilled to work on the “real” shows and see the “stars” who come to the Beggars.


But perhaps the most telling statement I can give is that when asked to name their “safe places” and “trusted adults” The Beggars, Jakki and Cassie appear on their list, I don’t think there can be a more emphatic recommendation than that. 


Children who need support and inclusion feel a real part of something when they join the “Beggars family”

Adele, Guardian

We had 2 children attend activities at The Beggars Theatre.

The Theatre had very positive impacts on both of them.

Our daughter attended dance classes and was part of many a performance in shows which improved her self confidence along with her social skills and working with groups. Our son attend the “project shadow” group aimed at young people with various learning difficulties. Again his self confidence grew as well as his social skills. Jackie encouraged him to write some small story’s and scripts and he achieved his bronze arts award and a love he’s still enjoys today, he continues to write scripts he hopes will become a success one day.

Mr and Mrs Hughes , Parents

Joseph really enjoys coming to Moore Arts Millom. He tells me he enjoys it when he ‘can act’ and enjoys being with his friends and making new friends. As parents we feel that it has increased his confidence and social skills. It is a vital resource for the young community x

Rebecca, Parent

My two girls and their cousin have all benefited from Moore Arts little beggars and youth theatre groups at the beggars theatre in Millom run by Jakki Moore .

Living in a town that does not have facilities on its door step that most other areas benefit from (like a swimming pool, cinemas,skateparks ect ..) this is a vital resource for our children and teenagers.

It’s a safe environment for them to meet and make new friends and have fun.


learn so many different skills for life.

jakki , brings such enthusiasm and creativity to every session. she is brilliant at what she does and the children absolutely love her and all her team.

As a parent of a profoundly deaf child and another with high anxiety I can’t express enough how much this facility has given us.

,ive have seen a total transformation in their confidence ! they can talk and perform in public,

they can

write their own scripts .they have become more independent and have made lots of new friends.Their social skills have improved and

they have so much fun! They love it and have missed it so much in lockdown.

I don’t know what we would do without this real outstanding asset to our town.

Lynda, Parent

Mollie is 8 Years Old and Loves being a part of the beggars. As a parent I feel it builds her confidence up. She enjoys meeting New Friends and having fun. Mollie also loves Acting and cant wait to be able to Act again as she keeps telling me, she is wanting to do this when she is older.x

Louise, Parent